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Personal details
Name : Ing. Slavomir Dvorsky
Date of birth: 10 January 1974
Marital status : Single
Military service : Passed
Driving licence : B-car, A-motorcycle


  Bratislava, FEI-STU (Faculty of Electrical engineering and Informatics of Slovak Technical University)
Department of Microelectronics
I have passed study with excellent results and I have achieved red-diploma.
I have competed the final examination in modules :
- Digital electronics (1)
- Design of circuits for digital signal processing (1)

I have also graduated following modules :
- Digital signal processing theory (1)
- Computer aided circuit analysis (1)
- Computer aided design of digital circuits (1)
- Computer aided design of analog circuits (1)
- Architectures of computers and microcontrollers (1)

  Economy term:
I have completed Economy term with final examination in :
- Management and Marketing (2)
I have also graduated following modules :
- Management (3)
- Marketing (1)
- Personal management (1)
- Double-entry accounting (1)
- Manager's etiquette (1)

note: 1..is the best valuation, 3..is the worst valuation


Work experience
  Full time in Asseco Slovakia Inc.
as software developer-analyst of C,C++,MFC,ORACLE based Banking application.

  Full time in Evona Electronic Ltd.
as software architect of new architecture of embedded slot gamming engine.

  Full time in Trenkwalder Engineering Ltd.
as developer and programmer of multifunction ARM-processor based fax-scanner-printer device for company Sagem.

  Full time in Applied Precision Ltd.
as developer and programmer of microcontroller applications ,
embedded applications, Windows and DOS applications, web design

  Half duty
as programmer and developer of 51-microcontroller family based solutions.


Other experiences, hobbies, interests
Webdesign I develop and maintain my personal website. The site is largely oriented to collection of photo albums and informations about tourism.
DSP May.1996-Dec.1997
FEI-STU as student I worked on diploma project :
Digital Signal Processing solution (ADSP-21xx family) including programming, hardware design, assembly, testing...
and I'm also familiar with Analog Devices ADSP-21xxx SHARC family.
Cryptography I feel familiar with cryptography theory and principles including symmetrical, asymmetrical ciphers, digital signature, key exchange.
LINUX I am familiar with LINUX operating system basics,
including Apache Web server administration,
MySQL server administration, (Postgre SQL-server administration),
PHP server side html-embedded scripting language.
Reverse engineering I have experiences in reverse engineering of 8051,ARM,AVR and x86-families.
Networks I feel familiar with computer networks and protocols. (TCP/IP, UDP ...)
Free time tourism and hiking, play guitar, silent water rafting ...

(For further details, refer to Experiences page details.)


Referees   Academic
Ing. Alexander ŠATKA CSc
Department of Microelectronics
Ilkovicova 3, 81219 Bratislava,
+421-2-60291653 office
+421-2-60291656 lab

For Experiences Summary please refer to http://www.slavomir.com/private/cv/experiences.php
For Personal Profile please refer to http://www.slavomir.com/private/cv/profile.php

Date: 15 Jul. 2024
Last modified : 2014-May-2