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Knowledge and Experiences

Certificates :


-Driving license: A-class, B-class
-Military service : passed

General development :
-UML - Enterprise Architect
-Object Oriented design + Design Patterns
-Configuration and version management
-C# webservices
-C,C++ ( MS Visual Studio 2005, Borland C++ Builder 1-5 , Borland C 3.1 for DOS, MS Visual C++ 6.0)
-cross-platform optimized code (DOS-Win32,UNIX-Win32)
-cross-bittnes optimized code (8-16-32-64bit)
-speed optimization using assembly code (x86 ASM)
-deep knowledge of "How C compiler translates into assembly"
-Pro*C ORACLE C/C++ precompiler
-STL (Standard Template Library)
WEB Site management, Design and Programming :
-Complete website design and maintainment
-Image processing and design including size optimization (Photoshop)
-interactive Internet applications: (HTML,PHP,CSS,AJAX)
-Apache 2.x server administration
-MysQL 4+ server administration
-Wiki administration and content maintenance (MediaWiki, PmWiki)
-example websites :
www.slavomir.com , Tourism photoalbum , www.dvorsky.host.sk
Databases and SQL :
-I'm experienced with database's theory, design, SQL,DDL,DML, relational model design, speed optimisation.
- I have practical experience with ORACLE 8,10g(win,unix), MySQL(win, Linux), and minor experience with Postgres(Linux) servers.
-database forward/reverse engineering with UML tool (Enterprise Architect)
Windows Programming, DOS programming :
-device access serialization techniques and kernel mechanisms
-system applications
-printing applications
-multithreaded applications
-inter proccess communication
-graphical applications
-serial RS232-like communications
-TCP/IP and networking applications
-communication with hardware
-deep knowledge of Win kernel
-real time (time critical, time accurate) apps.
-assembler for x86 architectures
-EXCEL and MS Office OLE automation
-Crystal Reports
Microcontrollers programming :
-embedded solutions
-8051 family
-ARM family
-AVR family
-modular design (configurable and reusable modules)
-event driven program flow control
-state machine program flow control
-speed optimized designs
-microseconds accurate timming
-memory optimized designs
-mathematics in assembly (16,32 bit, CRC ...)
-glue-less solutions
-serial communications (RS485, RS422 ...)
-i2c solutions (memories, RTC's, I/O expanderss, ADC, DAC's ...)
-serial EEPROM memories
-SPI interfaces (AD/DA converters)
-DALLAS 1-wire® interface
-PCA (Programmable Counter Array) for x51 microcontrollers
UNIX, LINUX experience :
-HPUX on Itanium platform
-Tru 64 UNIX on Alpha platform
-MySQL administration on LINUX
-PostgreSQL administration (minor) on LINUX
-Apache web server administration on WIN,LINUX
-PHP (server side embedded scripting language)
-basic administration and configuration
-basic-principles of creating high-secure server
DSP (digital signal processing) :
-Digital Signal Processing solution including programming, hardware design, assembly, testing...
-I am experienced with Analog Devices 16bit fixed-point ADSP-21xx family DSP processors (diploma thesis)
  and 32bit floating-point SHARC ADSP-21x6x family DSP processors
Cryptography :
-I am familiar with cryptography theory and principles
 (symmetrical, asymmetrical ciphers, digital signature, key exchange ...)
Reverse engineering :
-8051 family
-x86 family
Production :
-PCB design, schematics design (Protel design system)
-creating e-documentation in PDF-format
Languages :
-Slovak, Czech : mother tongue
-English : advanced
-Russian : partialy
Economical education :
-personal management
-double-entry accounting
-manager's etiquette



How do I feel experienced in particular branch ?

 Computers - databases Overview Basic Good Excellent
  Databases - generally     X  
  Database languages - SQL (DDL,DML)     X  
  Databases - data model design       X
  Databases - ORACLE       X
  Databases - ORACLE - speed optimisation       X
  Databases - ORACLE - Pro*C       X
  Databases - ORACLE - PL/SQL     X  
  Database systems - MySQL     X  
  Database systems - Postgres   X    
  Database systems - InterBase   X    
  Databases - ODBC     X  
 Computers - administration Overview Basic Good Excellent
  Computer networks - MS Network   X    
  Computer networks - other   X    
  Operation systems - generally       X
  Operation systems - MS DOS     X  
  Operation systems - MS Windows 95/98       X
  Operation systems - MS Windows 2000/XP     X  
  Operation systems - MS Windows 2003 server     X  
  Operation systems - Unix - generally   X    
  Operation systems - Unix - Linux   X    
  Operation systems - X-Windows X      
  OS security - generally     X  
  OS security - Unix systems   X    
  Protocols - HTTP       X
  Protocols - TCP/IP     X  
  WWW servers - Apache       X
  SQL servers - MySQL       X
  Wiki portal - MediaWiki,PmWiki       X
  CVS server - CVSNT       X
  TFS (Team Foundation Server)       X
  SVN (SubVersion)   X    
 Computers - programming and software engineering Overview Basic Good Excellent
  Programming environments - Borland Inprise C++ Builder     X  
  Programming environments - MS Visual C++ 2005       X
  Programming environments - MS Visual C++ 6.0     X  
  Programming environments - other     X  
  Programming languages - Assembler     X  
  Programming languages - C/C++ -COM/DCOM   X    
  Programming languages - C/C++ -generally       X
  Programming languages - C# -generally     X  
  Programming languages - C# -interop     X  
  Programming languages - C# -Web services     X  
  Programming languages - CORBA   X    
  Programming languages - Java X      
  Programming languages - Pascal   X    
  Programming languages - PHP       X
  Programming languages - JavaScript     X  
  Programming languages - AJAX     X  
  Software engineering methods - UML (Enterprise Architect)       X
  Software engineering methods - object oriented analysis       X
  Software engineering methods - object oriented design       X
  Software engineering methods - project management     X  
  Software engineering methods - request analysis       X
  Software engineering methods - Use Case analysis       X
  Software engineering methods - software configuration management       X
  Software engineering methods - TFS (Team Foundation Server)       X
  Software engineering methods - CVS administration       X
  Software engineering methods - SVN (SubVersion) administration   X    
 Electrical engineering Overview Basic Good Excellent
  Digital technics - other       X
  Microprocessors - generally       X
  DSP       X

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