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Personal profile

Ing. Slavomir Dvorsky


TEL (mobile) : +421-905-108388 ... permanent
EMAIL : dvorsky (at) slavomir (dot) com
slavomir (dot) dvorsky (at) gmail (dot) com
WEB : http://www.slavomir.com/


Date of Birth :  10 January 1974
Military service :  passed
Driving License :  B" - motor vehicles, A" - motorcycle
Single, no health problems


1992 - 1997 :
Dipl.-Ing. / Masters Degree (MSc): Bratislava, FEI-STU (Faculty of Electrical engineering and Informatics of Slovak Technical University), I have passed study with excellent results. and I have achieved red-diploma.
1997 :
Economy term with final examination in Management and Marketing : Bratislava, FEI-STU (Faculty of Electrical engineering and Informatics of Slovak Technical University)


2007-9 :
ORACLE high pergormance applications, and speed optimization workshop
2004 :
Object oriented design,analysis and design patterns 1-week workshop-course
2000 :
InterBase SQL server certification : development of reliable and large-scale applications
1997 : Economical education :
-personal management
-double-entry accounting
-manager's etiquette


Slovak,Czech ... mother tongue
English ... advanced
Russian ... partially


-UML and Object-oriented application analyst,
-WEB apps. architect-designer,
-DSP (digital signal processing) architect-designer,
-microcontroller applications architect-designer
-embedded systems architect-designer
-software/hardware developer (C++Builder,Delphi),
-database applications developer-programmer,

   (Note: not ordered by importance nor preferences)


Over >32 years programmer , >27 years commercial software programmer,   26 years web design, >24 years interactive web applications, >27 years microcontroller based embedded solutions.

Strong in

Knowledge experiences
last used self rating
Borland C++ Builder 1,4,5 >5 years 12/2003 7
MS Visual Studio development system >19 years Present 9
C,C++ >27 years Present 8
UML >20 years Present 8
SQL >24 years Present 8
MySQL >23 years Present 7
ORACLE >19 years Present 9
Delphi 1,2   2 years12/1997 4
UNIX, LINUX >24 years Present 5
PHP >24 years Present 9
Photoshop   26 years Present 8
HTML,AJAX,WEB based technologies   26 years Present 8
Wiki systems (MediaWiki, PmWiki) >20 years Present 8
Microcontrollers >6 years 12/2003 9
DSP >6 years 6/2001 7
HW design (Protel design system) >6 years 12/2003 7

(Self rating 1-10, 10 is the best)

Experience with :
GCC toolchain, Crystal Reports, MS TFS (Team Foundation Server), Enterprise Architect UML modelling tool, SQL Navigator, CVS, MS SourceSafe, CORBA, Borland C , CorelDraw , Adobe Acrobat , Matlab , UltraEdit development studio ...


In the company Applied Precision, I have been developing mostly software for special measurement devices (metrology , medicine , power transmission industry), including firmware for these devices (asm,C) and control software for the devices running under Windows (Borland C++Builder). I have also developed and maintained Applied precision's web site. I also collaborated (programming some modules) at large software project concerning Applied Precision company's main product : "Automated electricity meters testing equipment".

In the company Asseco Central Europe (former Asseco Slovakia), I work as analyst-designer-programmer of high performance banking application for Building Savings banks placed mainly in Czech Republic. Company's customers include "Modra Pyramida Stavebni Sporitelna" - Prague, "Wustenrot Stavebni Sporitelna" - Prague, "Stavebni Sporitelna Ceske Sporitelny" - Prague, "HYPO Stavebni Sporitelna" - Prague (discontinued), "HVB Banca pentru Locuinte" - Bucuresti (discontinued) with potential of more across Europe.
I also maintain division's Wiki-based knowledge base and documentation, the UML datamodel of banking application, and internal development supporting and reporting tools.

I have wide experience with dynamicaly generated WEB content (Ajax enabled) and SQL as itself and I am also developing and maintaining other web sites http://www.slavomir.com , http://www.dvorsky.host.sk.


General development :
-UML - Enterprise Architect
-Object Oriented design + Design Patterns
-Configuration and version management
-C# webservices
-C,C++ ( MS Visual Studio 2005, Borland C++ Builder 1-5 , Borland C 3.1 for DOS, MS Visual C++ 6.0)
-cross-platform optimized code (DOS-Win32,UNIX-Win32)
-cross-bittnes optimized code (8-16-32-64bit)
-speed optimization using assembly code (x86 ASM)
-deep knowledge of "How C compiler translates into assembly"
-Pro*C ORACLE C/C++ precompiler
-STL (Standard Template Library)
WEB Site management, Design and Programming :
-Complete website design and maintainment
-Image processing and design including size optimization (Photoshop)
-interactive Internet applications: (HTML,PHP,CSS,AJAX)
-Apache 2.x server administration
-MysQL 4+ server administration
-Wiki administration and content maintenance (MediaWiki, PmWiki)
-example websites :
www.slavomir.com , Tourism photoalbum , www.dvorsky.host.sk
Databases and SQL :
-I'm experienced with database's theory, design, SQL,DDL,DML, relational model design, speed optimisation.
- I have practical experience with ORACLE 8,10g(win,unix), MySQL(win, Linux), and minor experience with Postgres(Linux) servers.
-database forward/reverse engineering with UML tool (Enterprise Architect)
Windows Programming, DOS programming :
-device access serialization techniques and kernel mechanisms
-system applications
-printing applications
-multithreaded applications
-inter proccess communication
-graphical applications
-serial RS232-like communications
-TCP/IP and networking applications
-communication with hardware
-deep knowledge of Win kernel
-real time (time critical, time accurate) apps.
-assembler for x86 architectures
-EXCEL and MS Office OLE automation
-Crystal Reports
Microcontrollers programming :
-embedded solutions
-8051 family
-ARM family
-AVR family
-modular design (configurable and reusable modules)
-event driven program flow control
-state machine program flow control
-speed optimized designs
-microseconds accurate timming
-memory optimized designs
-mathematics in assembly (16,32 bit, CRC ...)
-glue-less solutions
-serial communications (RS485, RS422 ...)
-i2c solutions (memories, RTC's, I/O expanderss, ADC, DAC's ...)
-serial EEPROM memories
-SPI interfaces (AD/DA converters)
-DALLAS 1-wire® interface
-PCA (Programmable Counter Array) for x51 microcontrollers
UNIX, LINUX experience :
-HPUX on Itanium platform
-Tru 64 UNIX on Alpha platform
-MySQL administration on LINUX
-PostgreSQL administration (minor) on LINUX
-Apache web server administration on WIN,LINUX
-PHP (server side embedded scripting language)
-basic administration and configuration
-basic-principles of creating high-secure server
DSP (digital signal processing) :
-Digital Signal Processing solution including programming, hardware design, assembly, testing...
-I am experienced with Analog Devices 16bit fixed-point ADSP-21xx family DSP processors (diploma thesis)
  and 32bit floating-point SHARC ADSP-21x6x family DSP processors
Cryptography :
-I am familiar with cryptography theory and principles
 (symmetrical, asymmetrical ciphers, digital signature, key exchange ...)
Reverse engineering :
-8051 family
-x86 family
Production :
-PCB design, schematics design (Protel design system)
-creating e-documentation in PDF-format


  Full time in Asseco Central Europe Inc.
as software analyst-designer-developer of C++ and ORACLE based Banking application.

  Full time in Evona Electronic Ltd.
as software architect of new architecture of slot gamming engine.

  Full time in Trenkwalder Engineering Ltd.
as developer and programmer of multifunction ARM-processor based fax-scanner-printer device for company Sagem.

  Full time in Applied Precision Ltd.
as developer and programmer of microcontroller applications ,
embedded applications, Windows and DOS applications, web design

  Half duty
as programmer and developer of 51-microcontroller family based solutions.


IT and science as itself, embedded, webdesign, folk music, guitar, tourism ...


Plese Contact me for details concerning projects history ...

For Curriculum Vitae please refer to http://www.slavomir.com/private/cv/cv.php
For Experiences Summary please refer to http://www.slavomir.com/private/cv/experiences.php

Date: 15 Jul. 2024
Last modified : 2014-May-2